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Learning to Do SQUATS in the Right Way

Most of the bodybuilding techniques can be a little dangerous and some can be exceedingly dangerous for some people. It is still a fantastic way to build fitness, muscle, and a better mood. Mostly, people who use proper form in an exercise will not get injured. However, certain bodybuilding techniques carry risks to the joints.

How Squats Can Be Harmful

Squatting is an exercise that involves carrying heavy weight on your back and squatting down with it, then coming back up. There are ways to do it properly and ways to do it improperly. Doing it wrong, you may not notice any injuries. Later on, they manifest and this is called a repetitive motion injury. The best squat technique is need for proper balance and form with squats.

The knees can often be injured when this exercise is done incorrectly. It is not always the case this happens, so don’t worry. Start out with lighter weight and be sure to maintain the proper form. This is something you can learn from a personal trainer or other information sources.

About Form

Exercise form is about balance and joint movement. First, the balance needs to be established and this is when lighter weight is recommended. The joints need to be aligned properly, with the knees not extending out over the feet. Also, the legs should never get to the point of being locked. This is hyper extension and can be highly painful and injurious over time.

The actual form for the exercises is going to be dictated by the method and the desired results. If the squats are being done for general toning and not mass, this may be better with bad knees. Using massive amounts of weight will put stress on the lower back and on the knees. Again, this might mean pain and injury.